In 1951 the very first parts produced by the Enghofer company were innovative series parts - steel springs for flexible watch straps. Since then the product range has changed.

Unchanged remains the company enthusiasm to develop and produce often impressive parts. Experience and technology lead to better solutions.

A completely new development or the improvement of an existing solution with a convincing result is always the product of a trusting co-operation.

Managing Directors
Klaus Enghofer
and Dirk Enghofer




Huge interest in "Girls' Day"

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Those impressed by the training possibilities at Enghofer included young female visitors to the company on April 27, 2017, and also Martin Steiner, the mayor of Birkenfeld and representatives of the district administration and the press.
In the meantime "Girls' day" has established itself in the region as a valuable measure to help girls become familiar with occupations which are seen as untypical for females.

120 years of loyalty

Joachim Höschele, Michaela Jansen
and Bert Matthies

It is really extraordinary when employees are committed to their company for so long with such a high level of motivation. Great respect and recognition is due to the three jubilarians who can proudly look back on 40 years of company service for Enghofer.


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