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Finding Better Solutions

About us

Why Enghofer?

Our greatest strength and key characteristic may also be our customers’ greatest benefit:

We have always been a family-run business with flat hierarchies. Our employees are loyal to our company and many who start their training with us remain at Enghofer until their retirement. Years’ worth of skill and training acquired at Enghofer thus remain within the company and are applied in each step and each task we do. Our customers can therefore confidently trust in the expertise that we have acquired over decades. We consider ourselves a hidden champion of the tube sector. Our level of vertical integration is unrivalled in the industry. That is why our customers trust us to create specifically optimised solution for their requirements.

Management Board

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Enghofer

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Enghofer

Portrait von der Geschäftsführung von Enghofer, zu sehen Klaus Enghofer und Dirk Enghofer

Facts and Figures


As a medium-sized company, we are aware of our responsibility towards society and the environment – and we act accordingly.

We take great care to limit or avoid problematic components in our products in order to protect both the environment and consumer health.

We are thus strongly committed to adhering to product compliance such as REACH and RoHS

Your contact person

Felix enghofer

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Sustainability from the start

Environmental Responsibility

Recycling is a top priority at Enghofer.

We are fully committed to using renewable energies. Throughout the company – from production to administration – we use 100% green electricity, including from our own photovoltaic system.

When using raw materials, we make sure that they are as recyclable as possible and our products are predominantly shipped to our customers in reusable packaging.

We also take an ecological approach to wastewater treatment – we recover copper from our industrial wastewater. With this process, we make copper reusable. This reduces the negative impact on the environment and promotes the sustainable use of resources.

Our History


In the beginning we produce springs for flexible watchstraps


We expand our production to include parts for the optical industry, parts made from fine tube, and precision stamped parts.


The first construction phase at the current location at Jahnstraße 47 in Birkenfeld is started. The building is gradually expanded in 1960, 1962 and 1973. Start of production of precision stamped parts.


Completion of our factory hall for the stamping shop.


Acquisition of a neighbouring factory building.


Our new building in Siemensstraße expands the production area by over 5,000 m².


We take up the production of welded copper tubes.


First-time certification according to DIN ISO 9002.


Completion of the new tube production building.


A state-of-the-art ERP system goes live in conjunction with an electronic document management system. Initial certification according to ISO 9001.


First-time certification according to ISO/TS 16949.


We move into a new logistics building in Siemensstraße in Birkenfeld.


A new high-performance electroplating machine is put into operation.


Complete overhaul of an older electroplating machine. Introduction of automatic machine scheduling for our entire production with well over 200 machines.


It is exceedingly important to us to foster positive change in the region in which our employees and us live and work. We are particularly committed to supporting upcoming generations, for instance by sponsoring schools, the Schwarzwald-Schönbuch e.V. youth research centre, social and church institutions, as well as sports and music clubs. The aim of our sponsorship is to help young people realise their potential and improve their prospects, as well as support them in developing skills in different areas.

We at Enghofer consider this sponsorship an investment in the education and development of upcoming generations and possibly also in our own future employees.

Logo FC Ersingen

1.FC Ersingen 1910 e.V.

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Evangelische Kirche Birkenfeld

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Hospiz Pforzheim / Enzkreis

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Musikverein Birkenfeld

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Ludwig Uhland Schule Birkenfeld

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Ski-Club Birkenfeld e.V.

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Turngemeinde Pforzheim 1888

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Reit-, Zucht- und Fahrverein Göbrichen e.V.

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Sterneninsel e.V.