In 1951 the very first parts produced by the Enghofer company were innovative series parts - steel springs for flexible watch straps. Since then the product range has changed.

Unchanged remains the company enthusiasm to develop and produce often impressive parts. Experience and technology lead to better solutions.

A completely new development or the improvement of an existing solution with a convincing result is always the product of a trusting co-operation.

Managing Directors
Klaus Enghofer
and Dirk Enghofer




Enghofer on the Road

IMG 3319

We think that looks really great!

And the graphic design of the truck symbolises: Enghofer is on the move, and Enghofer is quick.

With immediate effect Folz the forwarding agent will use this new truck to transport urgent direct shipments to major customers.

Mutual respect and appreciation

enghoferjubilare BU: (from left to right) Klaus Enghofer sen., Dirk Enghofer, Angelo Fiorenza, Lothar Höll, Bernd Heintz, Antonio Ponzetta, Klaus Enghofer

Having so many employees who have served the company for such a long time is an indication of mutual respect and appreciation. We were again reminded of this on September 16 as we commemorated the jubilees of four colleagues:

Angelo Fiorenza                    25 years
Lothar Höll                             40 years
Bernd Heintz                         40 years
Antonio Ponzetta                  40 years

In the course of a celebratory meal with hearty Bavarian veal sausages the company presented the jubilarians with a present and honorary certificate from the state premier.


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