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Cable Connections

Wire end ferrules and crimping terminals are used in solderless cable connection technology.

Wire end ferrules are standardised in DIN 46228 Part 1-4 and are used to prevent the splicing of cable strands, for example when mounting them on wire connectors. Insulated wire end ferrules have a plastic collar for safety.

Ring cable lugs to DIN 46225 are suitable for making direct contact between a cable and a screw.

Detachable connectors are flat plugs and receptacles, standardised in DIN 46247 Sheets 1-3, DIN 46343 and DIN 46346, as well as contact pins and contact sockets.

We can supply a wide variety of these products from stock.

All ferrules (tube form) are supplied as bulk material. On request, these parts can be packed in small Microsnap bags with customisable thermotransfer printing on a white background, or in assortment boxes.

We supply crimping terminals in a variety of different materials and surfaces. They can be ordered by adding an appendix to the article number.

Material: 0 brass | 1 bronze

Surface: 0 without surface treatment | 1 pre-tinned | 2 pre-nickel-plated

Order example: 3183/02 = contact pin Art. 3183 brass pre-nickel-plated.

All parts are supplied with paper linings.

All parts in this product range comply with the relevant DIN specifications as well as the EU directives and German regulations regarding end-of-life vehicles and electronic devices.

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