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Speed matters

Faster. More flexible. Better.

Speed is a decisive competitive advantage in today’s world. All departments involved in our process development are part of our company: design, mechanical engineering and toolmaking. We focus on short paths that guarantee you rapid availability.

Entwicklung einer Zeichnung von einem neuen Werkzeug

Development & Construction

We develop our production processes ourselves with enthusiasm. We design machines and tools using state-of-the-art CAD systems. The resulting 3D data flows directly into the production of the manufacturing equipment.

Bau einer Maschine von Enghofer

Machine and fixture construction

In many cases, there are no customised machines available for our complex manufacturing processes. Whether conventional or CNC-controlled – our mechanical engineering department is able to realise any concept. We have already completed hundreds of automated production machines.


The manufacture of our progressive tools requires the use of high-precision machines, for example CNC-controlled machining centres or state-of-the-art erosion systems. This guarantees long tool life and high speeds of over 1,000 strokes/min. Our toolmaking portfolio is complemented by tools for tube moulding and tube processing.

Stock of semi-finished products

We do not plan too sparingly, thus avoiding possible bottlenecks. After all, we want to respond quickly to urgent customer requests. The warehouse management system integrated into our ERP system allows us to maintain an overview at all times and guarantees perfect traceability.

Tube production

We weld, draw and anneal most of our tubes ourselves. This in-house production of semi-finished products makes us independent of suppliers and shortens delivery times for our customers.

Tube processing

Cutting the pipes into short sections is supplemented by forming processes if required. Pipes can be expanded on one or both sides, flared or beaded.

Prozessüberwachung an einem Monitor der Stanzautomaten

Punching shop

Medium to large series of precision stamped parts are produced here. Production takes place on high-speed automatic punching presses. Modern process monitoring ensures the safety of the tools used. Parts are produced as bulk material or wound on a conveyor belt, with reel-to-reel degreasing if required.

Hochmoderne Trommelanlage vernickelt und verzinnt verschiedene Produkte


We manufacture millions of parts – every day! This only works with our centrepiece, the electroplating shop. We have two state-of-the-art barrel systems for nickel-plating and tin-plating. We also use systems for cleaning, vibratory grinding and drying to finish our parts.

Prüfung der Produkte im internen Mess- und Prüflabor

Measuring and test laboratories

Our in-house laboratories are equipped with all the necessary facilities to assess the quality level of our products.Whether initial sample testing or process monitoring, we have a penchant for professional equipment.


The automatic packaging of pipe parts is carried out according to customer requirements. Bags can be printed with the customer’s logo for direct resale if required.

Auszubildende und Studenten von Enghofer in einem Gruppenbild

Training workshop

We attach particular importance to the training of our junior staff. In our training workshop, we not only train specialists in their respective fields, but also promote team spirit and personality.

Quality right from the start

For us, quality assurance is not at the end of the production chain, but begins with the development of the processes and continues through the various production steps.

In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies. We do not rely solely on measuring machines, automated processes and algorithms. Our employees are also at the forefront when it comes to quality. Interaction between people and technology ensures consistently high quality.

After the meticulous inspection of the delivered raw material, the tests accompany the entire production process from A to Z in accordance with the process control plans. The smallest deviations are recognised immediately and corrected without delay. The integrated CAQ network ensures traceable recording of measurement results.

It goes without saying that Enghofer is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, key points of IATF16949 and VDA 6.3 have been implemented.

Quality policy of Karl Enghofer GmbH & Co.KG

Status: 14.09.2017

The expectations and requirements of our customers with regard to high product quality, competent service, efficient processing of orders and punctual delivery have to be met because:

Only a satisfied customer will stay with us.

Our customers require us to maintain a suitable QM system. The certification of our company to ISO 9001:2015 is therefore a requirement which has to be maintained, whereby the QM system is continually further developed and improved.

We must economically manufacture products which are free of quality defects.

Quality management is an obligation for all of our employees. The quality awareness of all employees must be promoted and constantly improved in order to avoid errors in the product manufacturing process and remove any need for subsequent corrections.

Our standard must be excellent performance and punctual delivery.

The price and quality of the raw material purchased by us and outsourced contract work also define the quality and value for money of our own products.

We must work in partnership with high performance suppliers.